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Manisana Wage Board: TentativeProposal of Rates of Wages for Working Journalists
(Other than working Journalists in News Agency)

The Wage Board, chaired by Justice Manisana, has notified its tentative proposals on salaries of Journalists in Indiaunder the provisions of the Working Journalists Act. 

This site features the complete proposals excludingthose for non journalists and journalists working for news agencies. Theoriginal draft proposals, which differed from these proposals,  arealso available at this site.



Chapter I: Preliminary

Chapter II: the Proposal

Schedule I: Grouping of Journalists

Schedule II: Grouping of Journalists ClassVIII

Schedule III: Functional Definitions

Table I: Proposed Scales

Table II: Dearness Allowance

Table III: House Rent Allowance

Table IV: CCA & Night Shift Allowance

Table VI & VII: Medical and Children'sEducation Allowances

Table VIII: Leave Travel Allowance

Draft Proposals

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