Are you planning to learn photography, become a photojournalist?
Here is a check list:

An artistic bend of mind
Are you fascinated by the nature in its myriad forms. Do people interest you-- the way they look, the way they react to situations and the way innumerable emotions flash through their face. Do beauty capture your attention in all its forms?  Do you have good taste and imagination?

It is not necessary that you have drawing or painting skills. However, such skills would be advantageous when retouching/editing  images on the PhotoShop.

Powers of visualisation
Can you see symmetry, proportion and  patterns even  in a day to day scene. This is a quality similar to nose for news (see below). Here, it is an eye for detail, colour, shape, shadows and composition.

Can you rearrange objects  to tell your story or move around yourself  to achieve the same? Can you visualise how to add emphasis to your subject matter? (You will study some techniques for that during your course).

Nose for news
If you are planning to be a photojournalist, this would be an added requirement. You should be able to distinguish potentially newsworthy scenes and happenings. See the discussion under guidance for aspiring journalists. Basic communication skills and ability to write neat captions will be an advantage.

Computer literacy
You need not be a geek. But you need to be computer literate. You will have to learn use of PhotoShop, Gimp or other professional photoediting software during the course.

Good health
Assignments may involve a lot of travel and hardships. Your work and working conditions may change very frequently. You may have to work in inhospitable conditions and at odd hours. Do you enjoy travel and adventure? 

Patience and perseverance
Photographers would often have to wait long for the right time and moment. In photography, patience always pays. Perseverance will make you a known photojournalist.

Presence of mind
This is a must for a photojournalist, if you are to shoot those award winning photos of tragedies.


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Institutions offering diploma and certificate courses in photography

Sri Aurobindo Institute of Mass Communication, Sri Aurobindo Marg, Near IIT, New Delhi 110016
National Academy of Photography, Calcutta
BCL Institute of Colour Photography and Videography, Doctor's Tower, Changanacherry, Kerala
India International Photographic Council, New Delhi 1
Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi 110067
International School of Photography, New Delhi 110016
J. J. School of Applied Art, Mumbai 400001.
Jagadguru Rambhadracharya Handicapped University, Chitrakoot, U. P.
Maharaja Technological Institute, Thissur, Kerala.
Orbit Digital Video, Thriprayar, Thrissur.
St. Xavier’s Institute of Communication,  Mumbai-400001
Verve Visuals, Indira Nagar, Bangalore-560038

Besides, well known film institutes and fine arts colleges in various cities offer photography as a subsidiary subject.
See separate list for universities offering courses in photography / videography.

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