Manisana Wage Board for Working Journalists and Non-journalists: 
Copy of Government Notification (Contd.)

(Grouping of working journalists- Classes IB to IX)
(See Para 8)

Group I - Editor

Group IA - Executive Editor, Resident Editor, Associate Editor, Joint Editor, Deputy Editor.

Group IB - Assistant Editor, Leader Writer, Chief of News Bureau, News Editor, Special Correspondent.

Group 2 - Deputy or Assistant News Editor, Chief Reporter, Chief Sub-Editor, Sports Editor, Commercial Editor, Film Editor, Magazine Editor, Cartoonist, Chief of Statistical or Research Division, Chief News Photographer. Chief Librarian, Chief Index Assistant, Chief Calligraphist, Chief Artist, Principal Correspondent in State capitals accredited to the State Government, Correspondent accredited to the Central Government other than a Special Correspondent and other sectional or batch heads not placed in a higher category.

Group 2A - Deputy Chief Sub-editor or Senior Sub-editor, Deputy Chief Reporter or Senior Reporter, Senior Correspondent, Senior Calligraphist, Senior Artist, Senior Librarian and Senior Index Assistant and Senior Reference Assistant.

Group 3 - Sub-Editor, Reporter, Correspondent, News Photographer, Artist, Calligraphist including Katibs, Librarian, Index Assistant, Chief Proof Reader.

Group 3 A - Proof Reader including Advertisement Proof Reader and Planner.

Group 4 - All Working Journalists other than those mentioned under any other group unless placed higher by the establishment.

1) Any newspaper employee employed with any designation different from those enumerated in the schedules, but doing the same or similar job, or same or similar nature of job, of any group in the schedule, shall be deemed to be a working journalist in that group.

2) All categories of employees mentioned in the schedule may or may not exist in every class of newspaper establishments.

Schedule II

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