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Manisana Wage Boards for Journalists and Non Journalists: the Award.

The Government of India has notified the final recommendations of the R. K. Manisana Wage Boards for journalists and non journalists under the provisions of the Working Journalist Act.
These pages feature the notification with tables and schedules. Note that the tables on rates of wages of journalists show the scales proposed by the Board. The increment rates have been altered by the Government under the notification. See notification dt. Dec. 15, 2000.

The original draft proposals as well as the Tentative Proposals notified by the Government are available in the CRJ Archives. The scales in the final recommendations are lower than those in the draft and tentative proposals. The norms for fixation of the initial wages too stand altered (For example, an increment would be added only for four years of service instead of three). 

The proposal for Education Allowance has been dropped. Leave Travel allowance and Medical Allowance  to employees of Class VI and below have been replaced with a provision  for an insurance cover. City Compensatory Allowance will not be based on salary range as originally proposed-- it will now be uniform for all staff. Rates of night shift allowance as well as  medical allowance proposed have been reduced. Rates of House Rent Allowance have been reduced for lower classes of newspapers.



Chapter I: Section I

Section II: Classification

Section III: Revised Scales

Schedule I: Grouping of Journalists

Schedule II: Functional Definitions

Schedule III: Grouping of Non-journalists

Schedule IV: Grouping of Factory Staff

Table I: Scales for Journalists

Table II: Scales for Non-journalists

Table III: Dearness Allowance

Table IV: House Rent Allowance

Table V: City Compensatory Allowance

Table VI : Night Shift Allowance 

Table VII: Leave Travel Allowance

Table VIII: Medical Allowance

Award for News Agency Staff

Amendments notified on December 15

How to calculate your salary

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