Manisana Wage Board for Working Journalists and Non Journalists: Award
Copy of Government Notification (contd.)

(grouping of factory staff)
See Para. 8(3)

Group I - A & B Grade Supervisor,  Camera,  Operator (Process and Offset),  Colour Retoucher/Offset Retoucher/Negative Retoucher,  Colour separation scanner,  Computer Operator,  Display Advertisement Operator,  Offset Printing Foreman,  Offset Printer,  Offset Rotary Mechanic,  PTS Controller,  PTS Engineer,  Photo Type Setting Operator,  Scanner/Scanner Operator,  Senior cameraman,  Supervisor (Photo Composing),  Senior VDT Operator/VDT Operator,  Terminal Operator.

Group IA - Air Condition Plant Mechanic,  Armature winder,  Auto Cameraman,  Bromide Paster,  Cameraman (Offset),  Cameraman,  Chief Press Advertising Assistant,  Colour Etcher,  Colour Paster,  Electronic key Board Operator/Key Board operator,  Film Impositor,  Film Paster,  Foreman,  Junior VDT Operator,  Katibs,  Lino mechanic,  Lino- Operator,  Line Paster,  Micro Film Technician,  Micro Film Unit Assistant,  Mono Mechanic,  Mono Operator,  motor Mechanic,  Nylo Plate Maker,  Offset Machineman,  offset Mechanic,  Offset Engineer,  Offset Plate Maker,  Page makeup man (Photo Setting),  Pasteup Man/Pasteman/Paster/Pasteup Artist,  Photographer (Process),  Plate Maker (Colour),  Press Advertising Assistant,  Printer (Foreman Composing Supervisor),  Process Developer,  Printer (Offset,  Photo Composing A & B grade,  composing),  P.T. S,  Mechanic,  P. T. S.,  Senior Key Board Operator,  Repro Photographer,  Rotary Mechanic,  Senior Impositor,  Senior Mechanic,   Senior Paster,  Senior Printer,  Senior Retoucher,  Supervisor,  Supervisor (Composing weekly job and other sections),  T. T.s. Operator.

Group 2 - APL operator,  Assistant Camera Operator,  Assistant Colour Printer,  Assistant Plate maker (colour),  Assistant Layout man,  Assistant Foreman,  Assistant Printer,  Block Room Assistant,  Block-room man,  Bromide Developer (PTS Developer),  Camera Operator,  Contact Operator/Contact Printing Operator, Conveyor Striket Machineman,  Corrector,  Deputy Foreman (gullotine),  engraver,  Enlarger operator,  Filing Assistant,  Flongman,  Graining Machineman,  Half tone etcher,  Heading man,  Imposer,  Impositor,  Joiner,  Junior Lino Mechanic,  Junior Printer,  Ludlow Operator,  Make Up man,  offset Plate Maker,  Pageman,  Assistant Paster,  Metal Printer,  Operator Colour (Highly skilled) Photogravure Machineman,  Photo Lettering Machine Operator,  Process Assistant,  Process Printer,  Proofing Machine-man (offset),  P.T.S. Key Board Operator,  Retoucher,  Reelstar Machineman,  Rotary machine Headman,  Rotary Machineman (General),  Rotary Machineman Sarang,  Senior Machineman,  Stereo Blockman Stereo Caster,  Stereo Castingman,  Stereo Casting Headman. Stereo Fireman,  Stereo Mouldingman,  Stonehand,  Junior Mechanic,  202 Processor

Group 3- Air Condition Plant Cleaner,  Assistant Mukadam,  Assistant Printing Machineman (All categories),  Caster,  Carpenter,  Charge Hand (Palatia),  Chipper or Router,  Colour Work Proofing Pressman,  Copy Holder,  Cutter,  Bycle  Mistry,  Dark  Room Assistant,  Driver,  E-1 Rod Operator,  Electrician,  Fitter,  Hammerman,  Hand Compositor,  Hand Pressman,  Junior Machineman,  Machineman (except Rotary Machineman),  Machineman.(other than printing) Mangleman,  Mason,  Metal Caste,  Mistry,  Monocaster, Moulder, News Daftary,  Offset Inla-man,  Operator (Black and While),  Painter,  Pasteup man in art department,  Plate Maker (Black and White),  Plumber,  Presensitised Plate Maker,  R. C. or,  Film Processor Operator,  Roller Maker,  Rotary Mukadam,  Ruling Machineman, Senior Chargehand,   Sign Writer,  Store Mukadam,  Turner,  Wireman,  Welder,  Stereoman.

Group 4 - Assistant Electrician,  Assistant Fitter,  Assistant Machineman,  Assistant Turner,  Assistant  Welder (all with 5 years service),  Blacksmith,  Cook,  Cutting Machineman,  Df Pressman,  Distributor,  Treadleman,  Linceetcher.

Group 5 - Baller Mukadam,  Barman,  Binder,  Case Room Cleaner,  Colour work Examiner,  Counter,  Daftary,  Dhobi,  Feeder,  Fly-boy,  Gally Pressman,  Havildar,  Head Peon,  Interlay Cutter,  Jamadar, Knife sharpener, Lead Melter, Lift Man, Lino Cleaner, Lock-up man, Mounter, Mono- Cleaner, Numberer, Packer, Paperman, Plate Grinder, Proof Puller, Reel Minder, Rollerman, Semi-skilled Baller, Store-pape counter, Stitcher, Wheeler [Rotary Cleaner], All other semi-skilled attendants, Cleaners and helpers by whatever name they are called.

Group 5- Baller,  Binding boy,  Mazdoor,  Reel Loader and Unloader,  Trolleyman,  Proof Messenger.

(1) Any newspaper employee employed with any  designation different from those enumerated in  the schedules, but doing the same or similar job or same or similar nature of job of any group in the schedule, shall be deemed to be non-journalist in that group.
(2)  All categories of employees mentioned in the schedule may or may not exist in every class of  newspaper establishments.
(3) Categorisation of missing category of employment, if any, should be mutually decided by the employees and the management through bilateral agreements.

Table I

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