Manisana Wage Board:  Rates of Wages for Working Journalists and Non-journalists
(Other than woring Journalists in News Agency)
                                 Table III
                           Dearnes Allowance
                             (see par 11)
 Basic pay slabs           Rate of neutralization for determining
                           Dearness Allowance payable over quarterly
                           Regional Consumer Price Index Number
 1. Up to Rs.5000/-        100% of basic pay
 2- Between Rs.5001/-      80% of basic pay or 100% of Rs.5000,
    and Rs.7000/-          whichever is  higher.
 3. Between Ra.7001/-      60% of basic  pay or 80% of Rs.7000,
    and Rs.9500/-          whichever is  higher.
 4. Between Rs.9501/-      45% of basic  pay or 60% of Rs.9500,
    and Rs.12500/-         whichever is  higher.
 S. Above Rs.12500/-       40% of basic  pay or 45% of Rs.12500,
                           whichever is  higher.
 Formula for calculating Dearness Allowance
     Average Regional Index for the Qr. in question - Regional CPI No. for 1998 (ie.last Qr.of 1997)
 DA = --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- X rate of neutralisation X Basic Pay
        regional CPI number for the Year 1998 (ie.last Qr.of 1997)

DA=(Average RI minus RCPI) multiplied by Rate of neutralisation and Basic Pay and Divided by Regional CPI No.