Manisana Wage Board for Working Journalists and Non Journalists: Award
Copy of Government Notification (contd.)


(Grouping of non-journalist employees in administrative staff Classes IB to IX)
See Para 8(2)

Group- I - General Manager, Manager and Secretary.

Group 2 - Departmental Manager (those who are in charge of Circulation, Advertisement Department, Personnel etc.) Chief Accountant (Accountant), Electronics Engineer, P.R.Os (Classes I, II, III, IV and V newspaper establishments)

Group 2A - Liaison Officer, Accounts Officer, Chief Internal Auditor, Assistant Advertisement Manager, Assistant Circulation Manager and Personnel Officer.

Group 3 - Sectional Head (Supervising work of clerks), Business Canvasser, Sales Representative, Head Clerk, Programmer, Computer Programmer Personal Assistant, (Steno Secretary), Assistant Accountant, Advertisement Representative.

NOTE: The recommendations in this part shall not apply to employees other than Non-journalist Newspaper Employees as defined in the Act though included in this above 4 groups.

Group 4-- Stenographer, Assistant, Accounts Clerk, Card Punching Operator-, EDP Operator, Electronic Data Processor, Watch.and Ward Inspector, Cashier, Circulation Inspector/Representative, Advertisement Translator, Senior Clerk (those whose work involves special skills), Operators of Accounting machines/calculating machines and Teleprinter, Field Organiser and those do audit, bureau of circulation, Nurse (Male and Female), Artist (Commercial and Process).

Group 5 - Junior Clerk (ie those doing normal clerical  work including acceptance of advertisements and sale of publications), Time Keeper, Typist, Telephone operator,  Addressographer, Receptionist, Franking Machine Operator, Canteen Supervisor, Junior Artist (Commercial and  Process), Fireman-cum-security men.

Group 6 - Bill Collector, Security Guard, Daftary, those doing semi-clerical work, Zerox Operator, Watchman, and Delivery peon.

Group 7 - Peon-cum-Messenger, Peon, Sweeper, Bearer Cleaner, Call-boy, Canteen-boy, Water-boy, Mali, Tailor, Orderly, Durwan, Masalchi.

Note:  (1) Any newspaper employee employed with any  designation different from those enumerated in  the schedules, but doing the same or similar job or same or similar nature of job of any group in the schedule, shall be deemed to be non-journalist in that group.
(2) All categories of employees mentioned in the schedule may or may not exist in every class of  newspaper establishments.
(3) Categorisation of missing category of employment, if any, should be mutually decided by the employees and the management through bilateral agreements.

Schedule IV

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